Who deserves the oxygen more?

I am a lover not a fighter. I truly believe that violence isn’t the answer, even though sometimes I doubt my theory, and occasionally have the urge to punch someone in the face. I’m human after all, we all have a bit of darkness within us. But I don’t give into it. I wouldn’t want to lower myself to that level.

I really don’t want Britain to go to war. I don’t believe that us joining the bomb-party will solve the problem and it certainly doesn’t makes us better than the terrorists. It makes me sad. I just don’t understand why people think the answer to violence is more violence. My violence is better than your violence….really?!


I recently read an article about a man who was murdered by 3 people. They had been taking advantage of him for months, living in his house and stealing his benefit money. Whilst rifling through this man’s stuff, they discovered he used to be a sex offender. So they beat him up, sodomised him with a broom handle, pissed all over him and left him to slowly and painfully die from severe internal injuries. Comments on the article were praising these people for getting rid of one more ‘piece of scum’ from society. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t compute for me. In getting rid of ‘one’ they’ve inadvertently created three more. Three people who have now committed unspeakable acts that will change them and the people around them forever. By inacting their own version of justice they’ve become just as bad, if not worse. Who knows why that guy was a sex offender, you can become one for exposing yourself or if you’re a 16 year old having sex with a 15 year old. But even if that man had been a depraved paedophile, no human being deserves to be treated or die in such a manner. That sort of ‘eye for an eye’s justice, isn’t justice in my eyes. It’s worse.


What makes your sick violence better than their sick violence? It doesn’t solve problems, it doesn’t make people understand what they’ve done wrong. It just makes the world that little bit darker and more soulless. In my line of work you see the dark underbelly of society. You see people committing acts and behaving in ways you can’t imagine. But there are reasons behind why people end up the way they do. Our brains are complex super machines that are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings and experiences. If treated poorly, neglected and abused, there’s a good chance that the person carrying around that brain, might not turn out great and will probably make poor life choices. Not all drinkers will become alcoholics. Not all kids who are abused will become abusers. But what happens in our life shapes us and how we choose to deal with situations makes a difference. Sometimes the easy route is not the best route and sometimes the hard route, doesn’t pay off.


But that’s life. As long as you have a good moral compass and consider others in your actions, you’ll do ok. Sure, sometimes the world will shit on you anyway, but making the right choice most of the time, will pay off. Granted, there will always be evil in the world, people will get sick and die but it’s how you deal with these things that defines you and the mark you leave on this earth. Be kind, always. And as Bill and Ted say; Be excellent to each other.


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