Is there anybody out there? No? More wine for me then…


So I spent the morning watching Insidious 2. A pretty awesome scary movie. In a nutshell about the supernatural, ghosts and their need to get back into the world of the living. It’s pretty darn good. I love scary movies, mainly because they don’t freak me out like they do most people. Mostly because I think real life and people can be way scarier than ghosts and demons.

I am a skeptic. I don’t think there is an afterlife. I think when you’re dead, you’re dead. Although, I am open to persuasion of course. I even went to a psychic once. It didn’t end well. I came away thinking he just took my money and talked vaguely to me about random stuff that had no significance to me whatsoever.

When I was a teenager, I went through a bit of a dark phase. I read books on the ‘afterlife’, the occult, witchcraft etc. I also hugely got into reading horror books, Stephen King, James Herbert and many others. I made my own Ouija board. After several failed attempts at trying to contact the dead, I decided it was all a load of rubbish and there was really a) nothing to be scared of and b) no afterlife.

As I grew older I realised there were things to be scared of. Nothing supernatural that is. Alive people can do way more damage to each other than the dead can. As can disease, illness and poverty. Humans can be far scarier than any book or movie, and sicker and more frightening than any ghost or goblin.

But I really do like the idea of there being another ‘realm’. Having just watched Insidious 2, most of the beings on the ‘otherside’ are evil. But in reality, surely it’d mainly just be filled with normal people. Having cups of tea, doing some ghostly gardening and having spooky house parties. Not just waiting for the next opportunity to take over a living persons body and terrorise the earth. I just don’t buy it. People do bad things because they’re fucked up people. Not because they’re taken over by angry spirits.

I love scary movies for the same reason I love sci-fi or fantasy. It’s escapism. Chance to use your imagination and feel a little free from all the crap that reality can sometimes bring. Don’t get me wrong, reality can be exciting and lots of fun too, but it isn’t like that everyday. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the magic in everyday things. Escapism can be good for you. Being scared the crap out of, makes me feel excited and alive. I know, I’m a bit of a weirdo. But I’m ok with that. Some people get the same feeling from watching rom-coms. Whatever floats your boat.

I have spoken to many friends though, that do believe there is something else out there. They’ve seen and experienced genuine things that they can’t explain. And I am inclined to believe them. They aren’t the sort of people to make this stuff up. Whether those things are in fact the dead trying to get back in contact with the living, who knows. As I said, I’m open to persuasion. I just want to experience it myself. But the real thing though, not haunted houses set up to spook you, actual supernatural shit.

So, this is an open invitation to any ghosts, poltergeists, spooks and apparitions, to come and say hi. Especially all those I’ve known who’ve passed away. Come and move some stuff around my house. Make some unexplainable stuff happen. Put a load of washing on unexpectedly. Take the dogs for a walk. Make the beds. Only helpful ghosts need apply. Don’t worry, I’ll supply the biscuits…

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