Same Love

I feel privileged to live in a time where equality has yet again made history. For those of you who have perhaps been living underground and didn’t hear the news, the USA have legalised gay marriage across every single one of its states. For many, this won’t resonate. Some will shrug their shoulders in indifference, some might be happy that now their friends and loved ones now can get married. Some might not care, considering that they’ve seen dogs get married on YouTube, now gay people can get married, who cares right?


On a personal level, I feel this is so much bigger than that. It is a huge step forward for humanity in the Western world. It follows Ireland legalising same sex marriage last month and the UK last year. It makes me proud that society is moving forward to being more accepting of others, despite the fact that wars continue to rage on across the Globe. Everything we see on the news nowadays doesn’t make me feel that we are more accepting. I often feel disheartened and sad with all the horror and hate that occurs in the world every single day. Most of it people don’t even get to know about. What we see in the media is only a small portion of what happens. I feel this is a good thing though. I don’t believe it will improve or enrich our lives on this earth knowing about every evil act that is committed. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in justice but I don’t believe inciting hate through social media is the right way to go about it.

But treating people as equals whilst we are here on this earth, will make a difference. Encouraging love and happiness for everyone, is important. Now don’t get me wrong, marriage isn’t the only way you can encourage this behaviour. I am not married but I have been with my partner 14 years. I do not need marriage in my life to make me love my partner more or be happier. And neither do gay people. However I was able to make that choice myself. It wasn’t forced upon me by bigoted laws. But now millions more people can make that choice too. 

For gay people worldwide it must have felt similar to those who were alive when women got the vote, when segregation of colour was abolished. Such huge steps forward, such iconic moments in history. Now this. I honestly can’t explain how excited I am that the labels we put on ourselves and others everyday are slowly being etched away by ever growing acceptance. I know some of you will disagree, but your opinion is now overruled by law. Unlucky.

I know this won’t eradicate homophobia or bigotry or hate. This will always exist in one form or another. At least in my lifetime anyway. But I hope the scales are beginning to tip in favour of a world in which there is more love, more acceptance, more hope. #samelove

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