Versatile Blogger Award

I am very proud to have been nominated for a versatile blogger award by my aceballs friend Aimee of I love how she honestly writes about stuff you can resonate with. She is also wickedly funny and worth a visit!
So the rules are basically that I have to tell you seven things about me and nominate other bloggers that I think deserve the award too. 

1. I am half Portuguese and half Welsh. I like to call it ‘Welsheguese’. I feel blessed to be part of two awesome, but very different cultures. I wish I could spend more time in both places. I can understand Portuguese, but can’t really speak it. I have no knowledge of Welsh, but absolutely love hearing the accent. It reminds me of my Dad and is comforting.

2. I love animals. I love surrounding myself by them; my two dogs, 5 chickens and 3 ducks, I love them all. I would have more but I am restricted by space, in time I hope that will change. If I could quit my job and rescue/look after animals for a living, I would do it, but at the moment that’s not financially viable. I hope to make it a reality one day. When I visited Asia my favourite moments were seeing all the different wild animals, particularly the herd of elephants we stumbled upon on the river in Borneo. It literally made my life.

3. I have a really annoying habit that I can pick up song lyrics really easily. I am able to learn songs, even those I don’t like and can recite many of them word for word. It’s a curse really. I wish I could learn the theory of relativity that easily and become a super brainy scientist. Instead, I know the words to probably over a 100 songs. Maybe one day this might prove a useful tool, but at the moment I view it as a pointless burden!  

4. I used to play rugby for a local ladies team. Only for about a year, but I absolutely loved it. The team ethic, exercise, brutal bashing of bodies and elation when you score a try or your team wins. (We weren’t very good so that didn’t happen often!). I had to quit as I tore the ACL (anterior crutiate ligament) in my right knee. Had to have surgery and everything. Reluctantly I didn’t return to the pitch, but I have very fond memories of it, even the array of injuries and bruises I ended up with!

(Someone stood on my hand with a rugby boot-surpringly no broken bones!)

5. My favourite book growing up was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I read it till the pages fell out and had to get a new copy. I loved the story so much and until I tried it, thought Turkish delight was the most tastiest thing in the world. I was thoroughly disappointed when I got round to eating it. Tastes like flowers. Gross. Thanks CS Lewis.

6. I love Guinness. A cool, smooth pint of the black stuff is so freaking tasty. I love everything about it, including the brand. I’ve been to the Guinness factory in Dublin. It was awesome. I love the Guinness TV adverts and all the merchandise. Maybe I like it so much as part of the rumour behind how it was created was that that Arthur Price, a Welshman, took the original recipe with him to Ireland where he hired a servant, Richard Guinness, whose son later opened the brewery. I guess liking the taste of it is in my blood.

7. I love horror movies. From the laughable 80’s ones, the spine-tingling ones that make you jump and the total gore-fest ones. I think it stems from my dad reading Stephen King, many of the books I inherited. I moved onto a bit of James Herbert too but it is the movie genre that I love the most. I love the feeling of being scared. Sounds ridiculous right? But I genuinely love it. I am going to watch the new Poltergeist movie next week and I cannot wait!

Below are the seven blogs that I nominate. Each one I love to read, they make me laugh or they write about thought provoking subjects. You all deserve recognition!

9 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

    • No genre is safe I’m afraid! Everything from pop, rock, hip hop, rap, country, metal & indie. If I hear it a couple of times, I’ll remember it! Although not my preferred genre, pop music is probably the easiest to remember. Damn those catchy tunes!


  1. Amazing writing as usual and very well said articles of part of your life! Love everyone of them.
    Keep doing it so we can enjoy them. May be a book latter would be just as amazing as your Blog.
    Loved it immensely darling xx

    Liked by 1 person

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