Breaking news! The news is broken.

breaking news

There’s been a lot of so call ‘news’ splashed all over my Facebook wall this bank holiday weekend. A boxing fight in Las Vegas, which with the amount of money generated could help out all those people still suffering in Nepal. A well known footballer has lost his wife to cancer (sad but personal and private information that we probably don’t need to know about). There is also some ridiculous popularity contest due to take place next week (aka The Election). I care about this, but the amount of crappy tit for tat arguments between the leaders that are published, is too much for me to take. But apparently the most read story, the most important issue for the WORLD is something about a woman having a baby? Slow news day huh?


Seriously though, it’s a Royal Baby. A British Royal baby. At first I thought the BBC news was a little bit justified in getting excited, it is called the ‘British Broadcasting Association’ after all. But should it really be a news story sitting on the front page? Is it really that important that we all need to read about it? Maybe it’s just a British thing. So I went on the CNN front pages, and although a pretty uninteresting boxing fight sits smack in the middle of their page, to the right is an article about the new ‘Royal Princess’. Funnily enough, I’m not sure the rest of the world is that interested. And who could blame them? Go on any other European or International local news pages, I’m pretty sure that story won’t feature. And it shouldn’t. Worldwide there are 4.3 births every second. The news about a lady chucking out yet another mouth to feed in this massively over-populated world, is surely only interesting to her family and friends. Excuse my cynical view.

I suppose it is nice though, that when photographed she looked like a woman who had just had a baby. No wait, the opposite of that. She looked like she does every time she’s papped. Prim, proper, flawless and made up in the royal way. I know a lot of people that have had babies and as much as they all look beautiful all the time anyway, I’m pretty sure in the first few hours/days after birth, they also look exhausted, drained and not in the mood to get dolled up and have their picture taken for all the world to see. I would like to have been in the room when someone said to the Duchess; “Ummm Kate, it’s time to look like you haven’t just had a baby, right after you’ve just had a baby. Choose an outfit, put your makeup on, do your hair and get outside and look happy”. I’d love it if she said, “Fuck off. My vagina still hurts. I’m going out through the back door in jogging bottoms, sunglasses and not exposing my baby to paparazzi. Get those hair tongs away from me. Just get me home and put the freaking kettle on.” She must hate being forced into all this bullshit right after she just pushed out a baby. Did she sign forms that made her agree to show the world everything immediately after it happened? Talking about showing everything, apparently Kate has the same gynecologist as the Queen. You wouldn’t want to be that gynecologist would you? Bet he’s a great guy to get drunk at parties though.

I have mixed feelings about the Royal Family. Historically, they were pretty involved in the goings on of the lands they ruled, making decisions and passing legislation. But now, that is down to the political party elected by the people. Although it is massively more complicated than that, essentially they’re all in it for the money. I signed some petition a few months ago. An oversight by me, meant that for some reason the political parties have now decided to email me constantly and ask me for money. What the actual fuck? Emails asking me to contribute my hard earned cash to their campaigns. Put your own money into your political campaign! How has it become that the richest party is the more likely to win? The amount of crap I have gotten through my letterbox from all the political parties recently, does not make me want to vote for any one of them more than the other.

Despite this, I will vote though. Being a woman, it is important for us not to take the fact we’re allowed to vote for granted. This only happened in the decade my grandmother was born. Really not that long ago, and I feel thankful that some women dedicated their lives to make our opinions just as important as that of men’s. This doesn’t make my decision to choose which one to vote for any easier. I have read up on each of the main parties policies. They’re much of a muchness. Myself and my partner work in the public sector. I am an advocate for the NHS, Education and Public services ensuring they protect the vulnerable. I hope to vote for the party that reflects these beliefs the most.

Anyway, my original point was that the news is shit. We know far too much about really insignificant things. Occasionally the news reports what I think it should, but mostly it’s just celebrity bullshit and news about how awful some human beings have become. A British comedian called Russell Howard does a show called ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’. It’s satirical, but also ends on a really good news story. I love this idea. We know so much about how horrible the world is, and we have become more defensive, more paranoid, more hateful because of it. I want the news to tell me more about how great human beings are being. To tell me about things that affect me and the people around me. The progress in science, have we found that cure for cancer yet? Alzheimer’s? Dementia? How many people have Police officers, fire fighters and doctors and nurses saved today? How are we making the internet safer? What is the government doing to protect the innocent? I don’t think we need to know about how many children have been abused, raped and murdered. Or how vile the wars and tragedies all over the world are. I understand that in order for aid to get out to countries like Nepal in response to the most recent earthquake, we need to publisise what has happened over there. But people that want to help will. And this is when the internet is great. You only need to type in ‘Nepal help’ into Google and there are multiple ways you can contribute.

I just wish we as a society were encouraged to celebrate the good things that are happening all over the world rather than being bombarded with the bad. More stories about dogs saving babies from burning buildings, more random acts of kindness. More stories of how people have broken addiction, fought through depression and are helping others to do the same. The world can be such a dark place, rather than the news shining the light in the wrong places, lets celebrate how awesome it can be. Not unrealistic ideals, but a real celebration of how we can make the world we live in better. Give me that in the news, in a political party and you can have my money. Right after I’ve spent it all on saving animals, eating cheese and having a nap.


4 thoughts on “Breaking news! The news is broken.

    • If you type in ‘good news stories’ into Google it does find a couple of those websites, but as you say harder to find and not shoved down our throat like the bad stuff.


  1. I love this post – the tone, intent – I get it, I really do. There is a great imbalance in how agencies chose to apportion out the news. I am glad there is some exposure to things like child abuse cases, tax corruption, and human rights corruption, etc… I do want to hear less about celebrities / reality T.V stars , and more about selfless individuals that we should all try to emulate.

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    • Thank you Susan. I understand there has to be some exposure to what goes on behind closed doors in relation to crime. But because of this its led to extremes such as school teachers not being able to put suncream on children. We’ve been overexposed and it’s gone too far the other way. Encouraging victims to come forward can be done in other ways. Through charities and positive reinforcement, getting the right messages out there, not through fear mongering. We can still safeguard the vulnerable without knowing all the gory details. It’s a delicate balance for sure, I’m not sure we’ll ever get it right! Thanks for reading and sharing your views 🙂

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