Day three

This woman is a genius. I’ve not had a baby but I’m pretty sure I’ve had one of these meltdowns at some point! Just brilliant.

Mama Said

After the horrific ordeal that was my labour (one day I’ll blog about it as a free virtual contraception to any readers still around to hear me complain) my wonderful midwife came over for our first check. She weighed baby and did the usual midwife type things and then she said as she left: “Remember, around day three you’ll suddenly feel very emotional. This is hormonal. And it’s normal. Just be ready for it. If you start to feel out of control just take a breath.”

I immediately forgot this advice while staring at my little bundle of perfection who had been born only eight hours or so earlier.

On the morning of Day Three I was feeling very smug. I still had that adrenaline-fuelled-happy-happy-thank-all-of-the-Gods-I’m-not-pregnant-anymore-look-at-my-perfect-baby rush going on. I was dressed which I felt was a huge achievement. I was still feeling powerful (but in an I survived a massacre…

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3 thoughts on “Day three

  1. Ha ha ha! Day fucking three!! I remember it all too well! Especially number four…. Telling my family between gasps and sobs that I can’t do this anymore, Aaron will have to bottle feed the baby because I’m too exhausted to make milk, the kids will have to fend for themselves because I don’t want to move… I just want to cry, I’m a terrible mother, just leave me alone, all of you…..
    Ah, yeah, those were the days!!

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    • Wow! You’re a hero to me Nay! I know if I ever have little ones, you’ll be the one I’ll be messaging with the ‘help I can’t do this’ !!! Xxx


  2. I have so much advice to give vix, not much I haven’t been through or read about when it comes to little ones! I’ll be a very experienced baby sitter too! Xxxx

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