Try To Have A Bad Day After Seeing This

Dogs and driving. Hilarious combo.

Girl on the Contrary


This is a poodle DRIVING A CAR. I dare you to have a bad day after seeing this. You can’t. It is impossible. Bad days can not be had after looking at this. This photo (taken by me which is why it’s not great) is the ultimate cure for a bad day. It’s a smile inducing, giggle creating, euphoria machine of a picture.
Also, for the record, I don’t want you to try and have a bad day. I only want you to have happy days which is why I am posting this. I just said you should try to have a bad day for dramatic effect and to really underscore how happy this picture should make you. For the record, hand on my heart, for really reals I hope you have a happy day. And I also hope that dogs learn to drive at some point because I have…

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