Sainsbury’s has got my back

This morning I got an email from Sainsbury’s entitled ‘Product recall’. Immediately I thought it was a scam but I had a read anyway. Apparently I had recently bought an Enchilada Dinner kit (yep, I had. another meal of cheesy goodness). They are recalling it due to the product containing almonds, which of course if you’re allergic to nuts and if that is not stated on the pack, you’d be in a bit of trouble.

This fascinated me. A few weeks ago, I went shopping, bought my food (including this Enchilada kit) used my nectar points card, which in turn records all the food shopping I do on a big Sainsbury’s customer database. This benefits customers if you do online shopping, it records your regularly bought items and makes it even simpler for you when you can’t be arsed to venture out of the house to buy your food. But as today has proved, this system also could possibly save your life. Pretty epic huh?

I imagine lots of people will be angry. Hopefully no one has yet to go into anaphylactic shock. I think a small portion of people will be wondering how they can scam some money out of Sainsbury’s (and Morrison’s apparently) for their balls up. But me, I’m just thankful that they are looking out for me and took the time to email me in order to potentially save my life. Thanks Sainsbury’s! You will continue to receive my Enchilada support.


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