Blogging. “Blog”. It’s a fun word to say…

So my friend inkyladyaimeecakes blogged everyday for a month. I was hooked as a reader and like myself, she wants to be a writer. She is a very good one, which intimidated me, not because she is scary (she is so lovely and pretty this would be completely impossible) but because if someone I know is this good at writing, what possible hope could I have at giving it a shot? I want to write fantastical books for children, I want to take people on magical adventures through imaginative lands full of quirky loveable characters and create wonderful timeless fantasy literature. But where do I start? Well, I bought a Groupon voucher and started an online course on how to write children’s books. Sure, I’ve got ideas but I know you have to be clever about these things and that writing something that people will actually bother to read isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are rules and processes like everything else in life and you can’t just brain dump, empty out your ideas and thoughts on a page and expect it to make any sense, let alone be a best seller. Or at least so I thought. After reading my friend’s blog, as much as it was articulate, thought provoking, engaging, funny and clever, it was also just her writing down the stuff in her head. It was (and still is) brilliant stuff and I eagerly log on to read her latest blog on a daily basis. Now I always thought blogging (which is a fun word to say if you repeat it over and over again) was a bit like publishing an excerpt of your diary, sharing with the world your inner thoughts and allowing strangers an insight into your private mind. It can also be therapeutic and liberating. But is also like a bit of a test, saying “hey, I’ve written something, come read it and if you like it then maybe I’m alright at this stuff and I can give you some more”. Writing a best seller is hard, it is a carefully toned skill and if you speak to any author/writer they will tell you how many times they have written and re-written things in order to make sure it’s good enough. I’ve recently been asked by my brother to be bridesmaid at his wedding. He asked me to write a reading for the church because ‘you’re good at that sort of stuff’. No pressure then. I have written something, but every time I go back and read it, I re-write a bit of it. At the moment I’m not sure if I’ll ever be happy with it, but I’m sure I’ll get there. And I feel the same way about writing my book. I’ve given myself a goal that this year (2015) I’ll finish my online course and write my first chapter. I’m hoping I’ll stick to it, but in the meantime to get my creative writing juices flowing (eww that sounded less gross in my head) I think I’ll maybe have a go at this blogging malarkey and see if anyone thinks I’m worth a punt. So I will attempt to interest you. People in general, fascinate me and I am an avid people watcher/listener. Below is a photo which I took out of the window whilst on a bus. I love it. A picture really can paint a thousand words. I hope that one day, my words will be able to paint a thousand pictures.


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